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Allotment Gardening Culture

Allotment gardening is growing in popularity all the time.  People use their allotments in the same way they use their gardens.  They are not just for growing veg. People have seating areas, sheds, barbeques, ponds, green houses, polytunnels, chickens and…

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The herb fennel, which can grow 8 feet tall under ideal conditions, is easy to harvest with a simple snip.  It can also be grown in containers. I harvested my massive fennel plant the other day and dried it for a delicious infusion through the winter.

I simply snipped the feathery leaves and laid them on a cookie sheet. Learn more


Painting The Shed


This shed is on its last legs.  This summer I decided to see if we couldn’t get a bit longer out of it.  Part of the pleasure of gardening for me, is creating beautiful things and spaces without spending much money. Learn more