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How To Save Broad Bean Seeds

Broad beans will cross with other varieties that are growing nearby. So if you want to keep your variety pure, you need to isolate them in some way. Theoretically you should aim for at least half a mile between varieties. In practice, in a built up area, fences, trees and houses will all reduce insect flight. This means you should have minimal crossing even with beans much closer than half a mile so long as none of your immediate neighbours are growing different varieties of bean.

how to save broad bean seeds


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Vegetables To Plant In Winter

Some people talk about ‘resting’ the soil over winter, however the soil doesn’t rest in nature. It is a living community and although growing slows down, it still happens. You don’t have to abandon your garden in winter, there are plenty of vegetables to grow that will let you to extend the season and close the hungry gap a bit.


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