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Vegetables To Plant In Winter

Some people talk about ‘resting’ the soil over winter, however the soil doesn’t rest in nature. It is a living community and although growing slows down, it still happens. You don’t have to abandon your garden in winter, there are plenty of vegetables to grow that will let you to extend the season and close the hungry gap a bit.


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The First Week In June

It’s quite a labour intensive time of the season just now, with everything growing so quickly.  It’s wonderful to see everything thriving and blooming.

This week I’ve planted more cucumbers out in the greenhouse and some outdoor beefsteak tomatoes in pots.  I’ve put parsnips in and also some Mexican spinach. Learn more

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3rd Week In April

This week has been glorious.  Perfect weather for Easter!  We have already had 3 BBQs this year and spent loads of time in the garden.  Everything is so early, the blossom, the veg, the perennials and the creatures too.  I’ve had my first midgie bites already.

The grass is recovering from the wet winter and there are signs of new life and vitality all around.  Blue skies, pink blossom and pure joy. Learn more