Keeping Chickens

Keeping Chickens

Hatching Chicks- A Diary

This spring I decided to have a go at hatching.  Since I don’t have an incubator and a brooder, a friend of mine offered to incubate them and then lend me her brooder. So I bought a dozen eggs and put them in the incubator for 21 days.  During this time, Emma ‘candled’ them to see if they were alive.  She did this every few days.  She disposed of the eggs that were not alive and we were left with 9. Learn more

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How To Tell If Your Chicken Is Broody

Spring is here and I think we have a few chicks on the way!

The intelligence of nature never fails to amaze me.  I mean no-one has to tell my little Mummy Hen how to become a mother.  She just knows how to do it.

She sits on her eggs from 24/7 and once a day she gets off them and turns them.  She also gets off once a day to have an enormous poo and a good feed. Learn more

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Mixed Vegetable Gardening- Polyculture

I am learning about the permaculture principles of a   polyculture system of planting.  

In permaculture, at least 20% of your time should be spent observing.  In the winter months, when there is less to do in the garden, I am spending some of my time learning and planning what to do in the busy months.   So this week’s job is planning my planting schemes.

Mixed vegetable gardening is also known as polyculture. This means growing many kinds of plants
together. The growing mix in a plant grouping can include vegetables, herbs, flowers and even fruit. Learn more

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How To Create Microclimates In Your Area

zones horizontal

By observing the elements in the garden; air, water, fire and earth, you can work out what you need to do to change the way that the energies flow if you find that your  micro-climates are not working well for you.  By changing the flow of the energies, you can change the micro-climate.  The first thing to do is a zone and sector analysis map so that you can record your observations and gain a deeper understanding of the area that you are working with.

This is about  assessing how energy and time are used in your system and how the sectors influence the your land in the various zones.   Learn more

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The Second Week In October

It’s been a busy week in the garden this week getting ready for winter.

I’ve pulled up the last of the courgettes and then emptied a compost bin on to that section of the garden and replenished the soil with that compost.  I dug it over and think I might get some more alpaca poo to add to it further.  The chickens took great delight in this activity and were generally a nuisance while I was trying to work! Learn more