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Spiral Herb Garden – The First Week In February

February is a good time for planning next steps.  This part of the garden stands alone and so it is easy to plan this bit without having to make a definite plan for the rest of the garden.  I’m starting small with a self contained project, this helps me not to get overwhelmed.

At the moment, I have all my herbs in pots at the front of the garden, there are concrete slabs that I hate and stones and bushes.  I don’t like the area and some of the bushes are non-native and not serving a purpose.  I have some good healthy herbs at the moment in pots and will be able to recycle the stones to go in a path in zone 3.

I’m thinking of building a spiral herb garden in my zone 1 right in the front of my house. A spiral herb garden is is a round garden, spiralling up in the middle with herbs planted around the spiral.  It is about 1.5 metres high and wide.  This will allow me to make excellent use of a small space, because of the curves and the height.  This design offers various micro climates depending on which way the sun crosses, the winds flow and the how the plants interconnect with each other.  Oil rich herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender and Sage can be planted on the top south side, while the north, moist and sheltered side is good for leafy herbs like mint, coriander and parsley.  The biodiversity is good for the plants and also the insects and wild life. Learn more

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How To Create Microclimates In Your Area

zones horizontal

By observing the elements in the garden; air, water, fire and earth, you can work out what you need to do to change the way that the energies flow if you find that your  micro-climates are not working well for you.  By changing the flow of the energies, you can change the micro-climate.  The first thing to do is a zone and sector analysis map so that you can record your observations and gain a deeper understanding of the area that you are working with.

This is about  assessing how energy and time are used in your system and how the sectors influence the your land in the various zones.   Learn more

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Forest Glen Herb Farm

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Cynthia today at Forest Glen Herb Farm near Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.  It is no wonder that she has won so many prestigious Canadian gardening awards.  She weaves seamlessly between growing, producing and creating spectacular dried flower arrangements, artisan produce, soaps, teas and fragrant products.  The first thing that hits you when you enter the shop is the overwhelming smell of healing herbs.  It is truly a sanctuary and a place to recharge. Learn more

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Why Fracking Is An Issue of Human Rights #BAD2013 #humanrights

This is my contribution to Blog Action Day 2013

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) is a dangerous and destructive practice that infringes on the rights of individuals and communities.  Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. Learn more

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The Second Week In August

The weather has changed this week, it’s cooler and almost autumnal.  The garden now looks like a market place, full of ripe vegetables ready to be eaten. Lots of golden runner beans, courgettes, lettuce and tomatoes ready. I have planted more lettuce for a late crop along with Christmas Cabbage King, a variety that will be ready for Christmas. Hopefully, the Cabbage Whites will leave this lot alone! Learn more