Micro Herbs Growing Guide

What are microherbs?

Micro herbs or Micro Greens are just what they sound like, small plants. Not only are they sold as delicacies by fine food specialists at considerable costs, they are used to garnish dishes on the menu in every 5-star establishment in the country. This is because they are so tender and tasty, and the flavours are exquisite. In short, micro herbs are pure luxury.

Micro Herbs

However, unlike many other decadent foods, they are extremely good for you, in fact, they are some of the most nutrient dense foods available, anywhere.

If like me you have cravings to eat food that you’ve grown and freshly picked all year round, your luck is in! Micro Greens are a new way to grow your five a day and add intense bursts of flavour to your table any time of the year and all you need is a windowsill!

Micro Herbs Growing Guide

They are a great way to impress your guests or treat yourself without breaking the bank. In fact, you will save a fortune by growing your own.

Dobies produce little kits that contain everything you need to get started. They are so easy to grow. Each kit contains all you need to grow three crops of delicious, healthy Microherbs of your choice.

Each Kit contains:
3 sachets of seed,
3 growing mats,
1 growing tray,
1 lid,
1 Simon Hulstone recipe and 3 serving suggetions.

(1 tray is enough to grow 3 crops.)

Sugar Pea Shoots

Salad Kick

Salad Kick to spice up mixed salads with the gorgeous flavours of Borage, French Breakfast Radish, Rocket.

Pepper Punch

Pepper Punch – the peppery flavours of Italy with Italian Leaf Mix, Red Cabbage, Rocket, perfect for adding pepper to dishes like pasta, pizzas, salads and soups.

Easy to grow:

1. Soak a mat
2. Sow seeds and position on a well-lit windowsill
3. Keep them moist and harvest in 3-4 weeks

That’s it… job done.

You can pick and eat them all at once or leave them growing over a week or so and add them to your salad box or posh up your sandwiches every day for a week!


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