First Week In July 2014

Happy Birthday To My Blog!

I’ve now been blogging every week for a whole year and what a year it has been.  I’ve gone from having a keen interest in gardening to completing a Permaculture Design Course and catapulting myself full on in to the world of Permaculture.  I’ve changed the way that I grow things dramatically and have quadrupled my yield.  

The biggest changes I’ve made include companion planting and soil-building.  I’m using the no-dig method mostly.

Last year I lost all my brassicas to the cabbage whites, this year they are doing really well and are in perfect condition.


This time last year, this area was concrete, now it is full of veg all companion planted and growing much more densely than recommended in conventional growing, but all thriving.


I now have only Silkie chickens which means that the lawns are in perfect condition (what is left of them anyway) and the grass is growing back in the chicken run.


They are also happily walking about and fertilising the vegetable plots, but not eating the vegetables in them.


Not so many eggs as Warrens, but much better overall for my garden and the neighbours.  They are happily free ranging.

The herb spiral is a new addition too and is really doing well. I’m looking forward to seeing that really mature.


Available for harvest now: peas, beans, spinach, mustard, beetroot, cabbage, broccoli, onions, lettuce, potatoes…. just so much to eat!

I’ll be concentrating on recipes, how-tos and specific growing tips from now on.


Mom of 3, keeper of mad collies and chickens, in search of lost perennial veg and into all thing permaculture. Writer, thinker and blogger. Maker of WordPress websites and internet geek.

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