The Third Week In May

The warmth in April and the rain in May has resulted in a huge growth spurt in everything, including the weeds!

We are now at the stage where we are juicing every morning and enjoying lovely salads for lunch and dinner.  It’s so wonderful to be eating really vibrant and fresh produce again.

We are also enjoying the lovely sunny weekend days hanging out in the garden, chatting and sharing food.

We are harvesting:



photo 2 (32)

pea shoots

herbs and herb flowers

photo 2 (34)



shallots and spring onions

Jobs include grass care, trimming shrubs and bushes that are getting too big, weeding, feeding and watering and tying up peas and beans every other day.

photo 1 (31)

I’ve also planted out the sweet corn and some more rocket.   The brassicas are all doing really well, the guilds and companion planting seems to be working, hoorah!

I’ve turned an old planter into a BBQ come fire pit and an old plastic box into a place where the chicks can shelter from the rain, they haven’t got the hang of the ramp up to the chicken house yet.  #turningwasteintoresources #permaculture !

I have to spend a lot of time managing the baby chicks, the neighbour’s cat keeps stalking them.  Also, the two adult chicks are demonstrating their dominance and pecking at them.  They won’t let them in the entrance of the house to go upstairs to their bit of the house.

photo 2 (33)



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