50 Ways To Amuse Your Chickens

My chickens keep trying to get out, so I decided that I had better find some ways to keep them entertained.  No amount of wing clipping and fencing seems to help!   So I’m making a list of different ways to stop them from getting bored.  Here they are:

1.  Give them a layer of dry leaves to scrat about in and turn into mulch.

2.  Give them a cat toy (they love to chase mice)

3.  Watermelon is great because love to pick the seeds out and the high water content helps with hydration

4.  Hang old cd/dvd discs so they can look at themselves

5.  Make chicken noises!

6.  Scatter their grit around the run so they have to find it

7.  Chuck some decaying wood (with lots of tasty creepy crawly things) in the run

8.  Put some seed in a plastic container with holes in it so they have to work to get it out

9.  Tie their favourite food on a piece of string and dangle it from a pole

10.  Chicken pinata – put corn in an egg box and hang it up

11.  Seemingly some chickens like to shred newspaper

12.  Let them watch you as you do your edges around the beds and then give them the bits you dig up.  They are full of worms!

13.  Chicken football with pecking balls

14.  Sing to them

15.  Let them out of the run under supervision

16.  Slice an orange in half, scoop it out and fill it with leftover veg

17.  Fill a suet feeder with veg

18.  Get them to bob for apples

19.  Carve a pumpkin into an extra room

20.  Make your own pecking blocks with grit, seeds, flour, pellets and an egg.

21.  Give them cat jingly balls

22.  Stuff toilet rolls with leftover veg

23.  Let them watch chicken run (courtesy of Sam & Emma)

24.  Give them a radio (courtesy of Emma)

25.  Give them indoor and outdoor perches

26.  Use an old tire filled with dirt for a place to have a mud bath

27.  Hang cooked spaghetti from the chicken wire and make them think it is worms

28.  Make a gravel area for them to scrat in

29.  Dig shallow holes to let them scratch

30.  Put some mulch in the run to attract insects

31.  String up some bright or glittery things like buttons, they love to peck

32.  Teach them to eat out of your hand

33.  Make a ‘climbing frame’ with branches and wood

34.  Hug them

35.  Let them perch on you

36.  Hang a corn on the cob up from the roof of the coop

37.  Up turn some log stumps for them to sit on

38.  Make an area of straw for them to nest in the run

39.  Make piles of things.  They hate piles and will scrat and scratch to make them level

40.  Put different things in the run like a plastic rake, a crate or other safe objects to investigate

41.  Plant some chicken friendly plants like lettuce and cabbage

42.  Add some grass cuttings to the run

43.  Put your weeds in the run

44.  Put the branches that you prune from bushes in the run so that they have something to investigate

45.  Hang up a bunch of nettles upside down from the chicken wire and they will strip it bare

46.  Cut a butternut squash in half and let them peck at that

47.  Give them a tennis ball to push around

48.  Don’t give them food in a feeder, it makes it to easy for them to find

49.  Plant a tray of grass seed and give it to them when it has grown

50.  Make a string of grapes and hang it up





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  • Ben
    April 24, 2016 7:40 pm

    You could make them a swing

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