Communal Gardening- Finding Common Ground

Gardening need not be a chore. Communal gardening helps us to find common ground and really binds the community together.

Life on my road revolves around our gardens.  We all spend a lot of time together and help each other where we can.  I have one friend called Doreen who used to run an organic farm, long before organic was cool.  She now just manages her own small but very beautiful and busy garden.  I call her Chelsea Chop because she just can’t help but take cuttings from everywhere she goes. She often comes and helps me in my garden and I learn something new every time she comes.

Chelsea Chop sees the beauty in every plant and takes time to smell the roses, literally. At the beginning of the season, she came over and helped me to create all kinds of new features in the garden. She is the inspiration for this blog.

Our gardens are long and skinny and together they make a big park.  The children run in and out and there are always people chatting together.  Last night we had a communal gardening session.  Number 8 are having a garden party today, so Number 7 got her lawnmower out and cut the grass at number 8, aided by the dream team of children (from numbers 7,8 and 11) who helped push the mower and clipped the edges and picked up grass.  They loved it.

I then mowed the lawns of number 7, mine and number 5 while number 7 did a spot of topiary in number 8.  Number 8 meanwhile made the birthday cake and then we all had a little gin!

Communal gardening is a fantastic experience.  I love seeing the children having fun at the same time as learning gardening skills.


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