Hedgehogs Are In Trouble- You Can Help

Not only are hedgehogs one of the UK’s favourite animals, but they are really useful in the garden for keeping slugs and other pests at bay.

They like to live in bushes and hedges and they scurry about looking for insects at dusk. Sadly they are disappearing from our countryside and they are now under threat from development and habitat loss.

According to the Wildlife Trust, in just the last 10 years, hedgehog numbers have fallen by 30%, and there are now thought to be fewer than one million left in the UK

This is why the Wildlife Trust and The RHS and Hedgehog Street have asked people to make ‘hedgehog highway’ holes in their gardens, build hedgehog homes and take simple actions in their garden to hedgehogs recover.

I’ve put a hedgehog house in a quiet corner of the garden where there are some bushes and access into the neighbouring gardens too. The house provides shelter and sanctuary from dangers in the garden. The wooden entrance door forms a short predator defense tunnel, small enough to deter access by dogs or badgers. I’ve also covered it with leaves and twigs to blend in with the rest of the garden.  You can see mine at the top of the page.

I’ve left some log and leaf piles around so that they have plenty of hiding spaces and food to eat. I’ve also made sure that there are no slug pellets around in any of the gardens and that there is nothing they can fall into and drown, but we have left some water out for them.

We’ve seen some scurrying around, but I’m not sure if they’ve moved in yet!


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