In The March Garden

In The March Garden

I had my first proper pottering day in the garden today. It was wonderful to just lose myself in the little jobs. I’ve had a wonderful time tidying up, sowing seeds, weeding and generally messing about and getting ready for the growing season.

Ground coverI’ve been getting all my beds ready for planting.

Last year I used some Gro-Sure Smart Ground Cover over one of my beds to test it out. I’m very impressed. It’s an all natural mulch that can be used in beds, borders, planters, containers and pots. It contains natural wood fibres that lock together to prevent weeds and retain moisture in the summer. It also protects roots in winter.

I’ve been really impressed with it. I’ve put it around some goji berry bushes and they seem to have come through the winter with a real vigor. There are also no weeds! I’m very happy with the results and would definitely invest in some more. It’s better coverage than bark and it’s lightweight too.

I’ve planted some of the early seeds and they are just started making an appearance.  

The lettuce that I planted over winter is doing really well in the polytunnel.  I’ve been enjoying fresh leaves every day for lunch.  

I’ve also been harvesting kale and perpetual spinach, leeks, and purple sprouting broccoli and early rhubarb.  The chives are coming up now too and the early ones add such lovely flavour to soups, salads, and potatoes.  Chives can be divided now into smaller clumps and moved around.  This helps to keep them healthy.  Parsley, rosemary, sage, bay, and thyme are also available and help to add lovely flavours to cooking.  

Big thanks to Waltons for sending me a lovely mug to drink my usual Shed Loads of Tea in the garden whilst working… a definite must this time of year when the weather is still a little nippy.  


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