Leaving Wild Places And Creating Places Of Natural Habitat

Encouraging wildlife to live and breed in your garden is good for natural pest control and will help to counteract the loss of natural habitats around the world. You can help the future of UK wildlife by doing your bit in the garden.

Many species of English wildlife are at risk or in decline due to loss of habitat, but can do your bit by giving them food and a good home. Organic gardening is important to the balance between insects and their predators.

By inviting wildlife into your garden, it will flourish and at the same time as creating a little food chain that means that useful insects will thrive and help keep the pesty ones at bay. For instance, frogs and toads eat slugs and snails and birds feed on insects.

Go On!  Be the first in the ‘hood to go Wild!

Going wild doesn’t mean you have to upset your neighbours with an unruly garden, but it may mean changing your ideas of what a perfect garden looks like.

Here are some tips to letting go of formal gardening methods and becoming a wildlife champion:

Plant native species

Leave some of your harvest to go to seed

Leave a log pile for hedgehogs and toads to live in Provide nesting boxes for birds

Have a mini meadow full of wild flowers, butterflies, grasses, seed heads, berries and birds.

Plant berries, sunflowers, rowan and honeysuckle, the birds love them!

Avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides that kill good creatures as well as harmful ones.

Feed the birds

Plant some showy perennials with big blooms to attract the bees.

Plant wild flower mixed seeds too. Weed by hand and avoid using weed killer. Plant good ground cover plants which keep the weeds down at the same time as being good for the insects.

Have some kind of water feature or pond to provide a breeding ground for frogs and dragonflies and a drinking place for birds.

Put it in the sun and make sure that it is not a death trap for hedge hogs.


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