National Nest Box Week 2017

National Nest Box Week 2017

What is national nest box week?

National Nest Box week takes place every year In fact, the event has now been running for a staggering 20 years!. It is an essential date on the ornithological calendar, and the main reason of the week is to encourage the British people to put up nest boxes, which will in turn provide a place for our garden bird to breed.

nest box week

It is a fantastic idea, and one that will promote the conservation and diversity of our wildlife for years to come. This is why Kennedy Wild Bird Food is here to tell us all about.

When is national nest box week?

To kick off the week of loving’, what more appropriate day than Valentine’s Day? This is why every year on the 14th to the 21st February, the British population are encouraged to put up nest boxes. It’s not just a coincidence though, this date a is a popular day for birds pairing up with one another.

Why take part in national nest box week?

These days, natural nesting sites such as holes in trees and buildings are depleting. This is largely because of the huge amount of renovations and home improvements on old buildings and gardens.

Since 1997, when nest box week was launched, hundreds of thousand of nature lovers have tried to compensate for the decline of breeding spots by putting up a home in their own garden. There is an estimated 6 million nest boxes in UK gardens.
So whether, you are a keen birder, a primary school teacher, or a family, it’s simple to get involved. All you need is a nest box!
How to choose a Nest Box
Different nest boxes will attract different birds. For instance, ones with smaller holes will attract House Sparrows, Tits and Nuthatches. While larger boxes will attract Starlings and Woodpeckers.
In the UK, House Sparrows have now been labelled has a species of concern. This is largely due to the difficulty of them trying to find a suitable nesting location. So why not help them out this year?

As House Sparrows breed in colonies, picking out a nest box which is specifically subdivided will make sure they can breed close together,
Getting Involved

If you haven’t already got yourself a nest box, don’t fear! You still have an entire week to put one up. Remember, if you already have a nest box, make sure you carry out some maintenance for when your feathered friends come to visit

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