The First Week In August

It’s been a rainy week, so I’ve not done so much in the garden, but I have enjoyed picking lots of produce and cooking and storing it.

I’ve sown some more lettuce, and planted some swiss chard and a few winter brassicas. The squashes are all a bit slow for some reason and lots of flowers but not so much fruit. Not sure why, there are plenty of pollinators around.

I’ve started collecting some seeds, these are poppies and peas.  It’s amazing how many poppy seeds you get from one plant.  They can be planted in autumn or early spring.  I’ve also planted up some Angelica seeds and they are sprouting.  I love the beautiful flowers of angelica.



I’ve hung up some wheat that was growing in the chicken coop to dry, I’m hoping to make a wreath with a collection of dried plants.

We are doing lots of juicing and using the pulp to feed the worms at the permaculture project.


This week, I’ve made plum chutney, pickled beetroot and with the leftover apple peelings I’ve started making some apple cider vinegar.


I’m pleased to see that the mushrooms that we planted on the mushroom course are growing well!


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