The First Week In June

It’s quite a labour intensive time of the season just now, with everything growing so quickly.  It’s wonderful to see everything thriving and blooming.

This week I’ve planted more cucumbers out in the greenhouse and some outdoor beefsteak tomatoes in pots.  I’ve put parsnips in and also some Mexican spinach.


I’ve also put in some more willow saplings around the chicken run to keep the run shady and dry. It will also look more attractive. I’m thinking I might use it to create a partial arched roof with the willow as well and an arch at the doorway. It will help to create some interesting shapes.

In addition to the millions of weeds, there are lots of lovely flowers out at the moment, they are all stunning.

Lots of flowers and lots of butterflies and bees.


I keep finding odd plants everywhere, the birds and animals are obviously carrying the seeds around the place.  I’ve transplanted some and just had to get rid of some.

There is a lot of tying up to be done for the peas, beans, roses and cucumbers.

We are harvesting a lot of plants now:  lettuce, spinach, cabbage leaves, mange tout, beans, peas, radishes, all herbs, onions, shallots, kale and mustard.

Lots of rain and sunshine in alteration means that everything is growing beautifully.  The companion planting is working and we don’t have an issue with slugs or cabbage whites.



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