What To Do With A Bumper Crop

When food becomes too abundant, I try to get creative about how to store it for the winter.  There are various methods to choose from.

First of all, try swapping for other produce that you don’t have.  This works really well.  I don’t have a greenhouse, so I don’t have any cucumbers and am always happy to swap for those!

Salad leaves can’t be stored or saved unfortunately, but mostly everything else can.

Herbs can be dried out slowly on a very low oven and saved in a jar.

You can always cook meals that can be frozen.  Today I made a spinach quiche which I will cut up into pieces and freeze for ready meals.

Kale is in abundance now so I made a salad that marinades and improves over the week in the fridge.  I make a vinaigrette dressing, cut it up small and add it to grated carrots, spring onions and garlic and peas from the pod.  It’s delicious!

You can eat veg when they are small instead of harvesting everything at once.  Like courgettes for instance, they are really tasty when they are small.

The blackcurrents can be frozen or made into jams and you can make pickles or other conserves.  Beans can be blanched and frozen.   Spinach can be cooked and frozen in ice cube blocks.

If you have a juicer, you can always juice and freeze too.

It ‘s fun being creative and very satisfying to eat food you have grown in the winter time.


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